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Concrete Polished Floors Q & A

Down below are a few common questions we receive from our customers.

Are concrete floors prone to cracking?

The most common objection to concrete floors is the potential for cracking. However, some people actually love the rustic, organic look that can be achieved by staining the floor and leaving minor random cracks exposed , If cracks are perceived as an eyesore, microtoppings offer the ability to hide them under a smooth, new surface that can accept a wide array of decorative treatments, including staining, stamping, and stenciling. Learn more about what you can do with decorative concrete overlays.

Are concrete floors cold and damp?

Concrete can be cold, but no more so than ceramic tile or natural stone flooring. Plus, it’s possible to warm up concrete floors by taking advantage of concrete’s ability to store and radiate heat. You can also design your home to maximize the amount of sunlight entering through windows in the winter, allowing concrete floors to absorb and radiate the heat

Concrete floors won’t become damp unless they aren't insulated properly or the slab is built on a poorly drained subgrade. In properly constructed newer homes, today's building codes typically require installation of a vapor barrier under concrete slabs to block moisture migration and that feeling of dampness .

Are concrete floors slippery?

As with other hard flooring surfaces such as vinyl, linoleum, marble or ceramic tile floors, concrete floors can become slippery when wet. Applying a high-gloss sealer to protect and enhance decorative concrete may also reduce traction somewhat, but that's easily remedied by mixing a nonslip additive into the stain or sealer before application .What about polished concrete? When kept clean and dry, polished concrete floors are generally no slicker than plain concrete surfaces. And they tend to be less slippery than waxed linoleum or polished marble

credit to : concrete network

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